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941808 10151436620271966 858130608 N

    Braided Line
    Jul 23 2013 08:59 AM

    Can`t tell how big that puppy is so I`ll guess.

      Looks like it`s in the Muskie class.  Lenght wise.

      Color set -up. Bright with a nice mix.  You get my vote on color alone.


        Blades look to be a little small for such a large looking Spinner bait. On the other hand, maybe I like bigger spinners blades.


     Had you thought of adding some Mylar strips into your feather mix?

      Reason being when wet the feathers flatten letting the Mylar give it some added Plaster of Paris.


    Not trying to be negative in any way, just adding my thoughts.


     Reguardless........ Give yourself a.........Hi-5.

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    3 hooks =bad for hooking%

    instead you better get some extra long deer tails

    I made this for a spinnerbait friends, I either do not use those with 3 hooks
    Unfortunately, I find it difficult to find the extra long bucktail