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The trouble with finishing a bottle of wine

The trouble with finishing a bottle of wine

with an artificial cork, and having time on my hands, is I fool around with stuff. Oh, yeah, the wine is gone, too. That's always a problem.

It weighs 6 grams, is finished in nail polish, has doll eyes, and hangs tail down, thanks to .5 grams of lead wire around the rear hook hanger.

I cut the foam with a pair of serrated scissors, and melted it kind of smooth with a flat blade on my soldering gun. I used an exacto to hollow out the mouth, and "refine" the shape. Hahaha

Front hook hanger is a Spro swivel that the line tie to rear hanger through wire passes through, so it can't pull out.

#6 KVD EWG trebles, #4 split rings.

Took about an hour, and it was fun to make.

I always told my exes that drinking would pay off someday!