Two jerkbaits for pikes

Two jerkbaits for autumn pikes. Bigger's weight is 170 gr with three treble hooks. Sinking rate - 0.2 m/s. The big one is fully covered by glitter to create more light's reflection and attraction for pikes. As well, the painting is "cold" meaning that this jerkbait is aimed to use during fall period than water is cold. Aluminium fins, UV details and lazy, wide glides should make-believe a pike that a bait is easy-reachable and easy-chewable. Smaller jerkbait is 17 cm in length and weight - 110 grams with hooks. The jerkbait is covered by aluminium foil to gain more reflection in deeper water. As shape suggests, the jerkbait is a easy negotiable glaider with sinking rate 0.25 m/s.

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