Lil Bass

I like making these. I know they don't look natural, but they reflect a lot of light and I enjoy making them. Tell me what you think.


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Thank you. It is an easy lure to make. The sides have holographic foil on them, then the black is just a couple of stencils that I cut from drawing paper. There are lots of how to videos on you tube that you can watch and learn from. This lure is one that I just sold on ebay and is on it way to Germany.

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how much did this one end up weighing? I am actually interested in trying my hand at making a design like this for fun 6" would be about as big as I could go thou I am guessing depending on weight. 

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I made 2 of these, one floating diver that was 2 oz and one for trolling that was 3 oz. This is the 2oz one. I have made a few 4" ones as well. The stencils are a bit harder to cut out but still worth it. Where I live, Green was a great color for large mouth this year.

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