Home made bucktail spinner made with feathers and bucktail hair. This is my first spinner and I made it following Northern Scripture's new tutorial video in the how to section. Thank you !!! Really enjoyed the build and your video was a great help.

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I wonder how you guys manage to place so many feathers , ....just tied some big trebles with feathers and I could not place as many at all .


Probably I need to watch North's video again , ......really great job , Vic ! Greetz , Dieter

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Thank you Dieter. North's video was a great help to me. The arrangement of the feathers was something I gleamed from the tutorial after several viewings. I paid close attention to the order. But the biggest trick to going big is to go long. In other words, don't build the feathers directly on top of one anther but work your way up the shaft instead with each new row of feathers. In the end, they appear to be originating from the same place but they really do not.

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