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Hello TU

As you can see, you can fish with anything. "Grannies" Dentures made by our friend Gustav at Gugerart.com. My brother Marko is the fishermen and we all had a laugh!

With best regards

Jari and Marko


© Jari Aalto


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Funny indeed, :-))  looks as though the lure may have suffered some damage. I'm afraid to ask what body parts he is going to throw next. But for now at least, it seems part of mystery why the fish are so big  is solved. ;-)

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Love it! I guess my question would be: Did the fish really hit this thing? Pike are crazy and will hit just about anything, but I'm sure that some people are wondering if this was staged :)

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Yes, we fish with it! We are the real deal with our photos. The Swedish pike is the most stupid of all fish. Didn`t I post a catchpicture on TU?

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