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Jerks #2

Jerks #2

Diemai posted a link to some lure templates a few weeks back and I couldn't resist since one of the jerkbaits was soooo easy. 6 1/2 and 5 1/2". Need bigger trebles. The tinsel tail on the bottom one is from Reinkes.


    Oct 15 2013 09:49 PM

    Looking good bill !  really like what you did with the paint on the top of the bottom lure. Looks really natural. And the fade in of the two colors on the top bait is really nice too. Good Job!!


    How do they swim?

    Great looks on these , ....like the striped and mottled lower one , ...also the idea about the tinsel on it's rear ! Greetz , Dieter

    Thanks guys. I cheated on the fade on the top one it's a light spray dusting. The thing that doesn't show well is how it looks metallic over silver. Suprised you two liked the mottled one, I was kind of critical of it.


    Haven't had a chance to test yet except in the bathtub. Frau freaks when I play with lures in the tub. Too much water ... ah the arid southwest.  :-/

    @ scrubs


    ...........might have to wait until a body clean would be in order and test your lures before jumping in yourself , .....she can't really talk in that case , ........I know , I know ! Greetz , Dieter

    Glad to know I'm not the only one :-) BTW, the tinsel is a piece of 1/32 wire with an L bend at the rear and a small bead. Makes the tinsel flare and holds it in place. Left long and glued into a hole (obviously).