spoons refurbished

So I finally managed to track down the pic I took of all the spoons the kids and I did. All these spoons were bought at are local junk shop and I got a pile more of them then this. They for like 10 for $3 since they were all rusty or missing most of the paint etc... I sanded off all the faces and primered them all and we went to town with painters tape and rattle cans... the goofy designs on some are from the kids choices of stuff. Needless to say in the best Northern Pike lake we have they all caught fish and what a cheap project to do. They all got two coats of auto clear which seems to hold up almost as good as powder coat.

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Cool. And you can't beat the price. When I first looked at it I thought it was a bowl of Halloween candy. Would have sworn I saw some candy corn in there.   :-)

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