Jerbait tail gliders

My new resin model and first tailbait ever.

Colors: Northern Pike, Dirty roach (skitmört).

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I knew I had seen your work recently. Wanted a closer look at the tail. Really nice action on these. Congratulations!! Paint looks good too! Nice work!!!

Are you using a two weight or single ballast system? 

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Hehe. The tail I am using is the same as on Svartzonker McMy. You can buy just the tail almost everywhere here in Sweden.

Thank you so much man :)!

I am using two weights. Actually, they are placed on the hookhangers in this model :)!
8 gram on the front hook and 4 grams on the hook in the back.

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Thank you for answering my question and fast. They swim as good as they look! Great news about the order. May you glide long and prosper. :-)

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