glider group 1

A group of gliders. The silver bait on the right is the original one I already posted here.

The bluegill is the same size, but with the ballast spread apart farther, so it's in 1/3 from each end.

The black back shad is only 1 1/8" tall, with the same 1/3 ballast spread.

I spread the ballast to see if I could get more glide and less rotate than the original, which will turn 180 degrees on a hard pop. The spread ballast did work. I can walk the dog underwater easily with the two new baits.

The trout, a 7" glider that weighs 96 grams, was very sluggish with the ballast split behind the rear hook hanger and just in front of the front hanger. I drilled that ballast out, and moved the rear up in front of the rear hanger, and put most of the front ballast just behind the front hanger, so try and get a more active bait. I haven't had a chance to swim the reballasted trout yet.

They are all from PVC. The smaller ones are from trim board, and the trout is from decking, which is heavier, but still very buoyant.

They all just barely float in the test bucket, but glide subsurface when worked slowly using fluorocarbon line.

On a fast, jerky retrieve, the smaller ones will come up and break the surface, but a medium, steady jerk like with a spook gets them to walk the dog just under the surface.

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I especially like the Bluegill and Shad.


You must have some beefy bass to be throwing 3 1/2 oz baits like the trout at them. :-)



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No, I used some Brit Bak self adhesive foil because it is easier and faster to use.

It took me 30 minutes per bait to apply the foil and add the scaling.

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I've found a dead 2 lb bass with a 1 lb bass stuck in it's mouth.  They both drowned.

I found a 1 lb bass with a big bluegill stuck headfirst in it's mouth.  They were both alive, struggling on the surface.  I netted them, and got them apart.  When I released them, the bluegill just stayed on it's side on the surface, quivering, but the bass dove down out of sight.

Trout are very soft compared to other bass prey.

A 3 lb bass will eat a 7' trout all day.  They hit the bait in the middle most of the time.  I think they try to fold it up so they can suck it in.

Bigger bass, 4 lbs and up,just swallow the bait whole from the back, or from whatever angle they attack from.  They aren't worried about the bait being too big to swallow.

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