Spookie sunfish

Lathe turned cedar water walker painted with acrylics and covered in table top.

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I'm getting redundant but SWEET!


It's had to tell from the pics since they have some perspective but how much are you tapering the length of Spooks?



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Hi Bill




All the spooks I have put in the gallery so far are 5 1/4 inches and have a bit more taper on tail than nose. And none on the body. This bait is 4 1/2 inches long and much smaller in diameter Plus it has a taper starting at head and goes all the way to the tail. So this one is different. But works equally well. Weighting of these is critical. 

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First consideration always is what do want from the bait. Topwater/ diver? Then , what sort of action do you want? Fast / slow? Here we want topwater and we want walk the dog . That means keep it light and tail weight the bait. How much and exactly where will be determined by lure shape, wood used  and where you hang your hooks. I used the super spook to guide me on this build. I liked the action of the bait. So, I placed one in a bowl of water . Next, I weighted my bait to sit the same in the water. 

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