misc plugs

More uglies from the house of scrubs. :-) Two on left are brush painted turned from poplar prop baits of around 3.5-4" and 5/8 oz. Middle is a 1 oz 6" wlure blank also brush painted over Krylon Fusion. Next is a small wlure popper with a simple rattle can paint job. Right one is a turned poplar prop bait with a rattle can finish.


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Not too bad bill. I like the paint work on that firetiger. My favorite shape has to be the first one. Really nice lines on that lure. Nice Job! 

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Thanks Vic. Doesn't show too well in the pic but it has gold sides with that red top. That occasionally was a hot color on countdown raps I used on lake Michigan. So I thought what the heck maybe it will work on bass & pike too.

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