A New Dozen


Some smaller baits made for a friend , abachewood , handpainted with acrylics , ......center one is also foiled .

Watch them swim :

Greetz , diemai

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Thanks a lot , Vic , ...I made this plug , as trout lures were requested , and I've just thought , that trout might take a downscaled traditional salmon plug as well .


I've seen book pictures of such plugs already at the very beginning of my luremaking career more than 20 years ago , in fact I've made one of 4 1/2" length back then but was disappointed about it's action and especially it's diving depth , ........I simply lacked the experience and knowledge , that I have today .


In attempt to get it down deeper , I had glued in some belly ballast between diving plane and belly hook hanger resulting into somewhat more depth , but also a kill of the action , ......you know , ...I had already said and written , that such plugs with integrated diving planes are delicate in terms of added ballast , ......learned this for the first time by this early plug of mine !


I knew , that this downscaled plug here would swim about that way , ...but the outdoor tow eye tuning today turned out with even a wider zig-zag path compared to the tub ,  scratching about 16" width , ....guess , this is because at the lake you'd have more line out than in the tub.  Greetz ,Dieter

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