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A New Dozen

Some grub style lures handcarved from PVC refridgerator insulation material , ...I think , that this material is superior over timber for carving out such body details , as it does not have any grains to take care about .

Only little drawback are occassionally enclosed airbubbles , but if not too large , my acrylic primer also having filler properties would take care of these .

Eyes are the plastic heads of taylor pins stuck into round countersunks furnished with a ball router bit , ..leaving a Little part of the pin acting as a stem .

Watch them swim :

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You have gotten very good at the tub tests. Your even able to judge a general  diving depth. I spend more time in your tub than my own. :-)

I was wondering which action you felt was the best? I guess that would depend on fishing. Lets just say best all around? Thanks again for sharing your baits!!!

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Vic , I can't really tell about the one with the best action , ....it's up to the fish to judge , I guess .


But I like the Xing of the larger wooden grub lure with the Pikie style lip , ..also the Xing of the little bug , ...and especially the zig-zag path of the downsized salmon plug .


But if I had to name the best all around action , I would go for the minnow baits with the Finnish circular and saddle lips .


But I believe , that every lure , actionwise  and colorwise alike , would have it's own time and place , ...to find out , ....that's about fishing , LOL ! Greetz , Dieter

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Thanks , North , .....these grubs with their segmented bodies are quite time consuming to carve , but great fun to do . Greetz , Dieter

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Crazy cool carving, and paint work! Great swimming action too. Funny thing, my wife used to tease me about my lure swimming action tests in our bath tub. Now she just rolls her eyes.


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Thanks a lot , Ryan , ....took me quite a while to calm my own sweetheart down assuring her , that lure testing would not scratch up the tub's interior , LOL !


Well , ......at least , when not testing metal lures , ...but with these I'm extra careful , LOL ! Greetz , Dieter

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Thanks a lot , Ben ,........always great fun to me carving differently shaped lures , serial production would be boring to me , reminds me of my work too much , LOL ! Greetz , Dieter

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