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A New Dozen

A New Dozen

Left little bug is handcarved from PVC , the other two are lathe-turned from poplar , ...actually the one on the right is the largest one of the entire line scratching 3" .

Greetz , Diemai

    Lucky friend! I especially like the salmon plug and the one in the middle of this photo. Nice paint job on this one.



    Thanks a lot , Bill  , seems that everyone is fond of that downsized salmon plug , I'm surely no exception , LOL , ...gonna make some more for myself this winter , also in pike sizes ! Greetz , Dieter

    Nov 21 2015 01:51 PM

    Hey Dieter they all look great, I have thought about doing something similar to the middle one on the lathe, how deep will it dive and does it have tight action thanks.        David J

    Hi , David ,


    The diving depth actually depends on the angle of the diving plane and the buoyancy of the timber material , also on the general size of the lure .


    Such lures with a forward-pointing deep diving lip(google "Rush Tango Minnow" for pictures), made of medium buoyant timber like f. e. poplar and in 4" length would go down to about 6-8 feet , comparably sized lures with a lip angle as pictured here would make it down to approx. 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 feet .


    The swimming action is a lazy wobble at a somewhat lower cadence(left/right movements) compared to baits sporting a diving bill mounted somewhere underneath the chin or nosetip .


    There is a  video out on my YouTube channel refering to the making of such lure :




    A bath tub swim test of the lures can be seen here , ...guess the pictured lure is displayed as well :




    There also is a thread about these lures here on TU :


    http://www.tackleund... +tango +minnow


    ......hope , this helps a bit , .......good luck, Dieter