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brush painted wood


I saw a picture of a lure I've never seen for sale on ebay just a couple days, so I thought I'd make one similar.
it's pretty close to the one I saw, except, I added the metal lip, and the eyes on the original were amber glass eyes.
I wanted to make it my own a little...and it passed the bathtub test with nice action. I can't wait to get it in the lake and really see it in action....maybe even catch something.(basswood)

    I know this one from my lure collector's book , but can't remember it's name right now , ...if my memory serves me right , I had tried to make a version many years ago , but which had failed to swim to my satisfaction .

    Great to hear , that you have succeeded , ....nice lure !

    Nov 22 2013 02:41 AM
    Thanks...I think the metal lip that I added helped give it a desired action.

    Yes , I had already figured out long time ago, that such metal lips must have been added to timber lures to add to a stable swimming action and also provide protection , if the lure should hit bottom obstacles .


    Also it is easier and faster to manufacture as if elaborately doing weightholes to balance the lure's action , I guess .


    Not to forget the increased wobble generated by a metal lip even only protruding a few fractions of an inch over the integrated diving vane .