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bird lure spinner bait


my latest crazy creation! below ive left a video link that shows a 360 view from all angles.

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    You don't really want to throw this thing , North , do you ?


    Just too darn beautiful  this bird is , would be too bad loosing it or having it shred to pieces by a vicious pike !


    You've got a couple of weeks more to go , ...make a few more , would be a great thing to put on the Xmas tree as well .


    Outstanding work , ...cheers , Dieter

    Wow.. crazy awesome work!! Would love to see some live action video of a fish blasting it :)

    Northern Scripture
    Nov 26 2013 09:23 PM

    thanks diemai. your input is always well received.  and indeed it is getting wet. i fear i will have learned nothing if i dont do some serious testing with it. thats why i made the adjustable wings. to figure out all the different ways it will pull through the water, with or without the spinner attached.

    Northern Scripture
    Nov 26 2013 09:28 PM

    hey Curt!!  thanks alot for your comments. it means alot coming from you. i really respect what you have going on here at TU.   i do want to get some great footage with the gopro under water soon, but its getting too cold too fast here in ontario. so it might be ice fishing footage of just the bird without the spinner. i will keep you posted when something happens. lol    thanks for everything you do here. its people like you who make the difference. 

    Nov 28 2013 04:36 AM

    Just Amazing !!!  


    I see a tree line covered bank near nesting season.......that should get them.


    Beautiful work!!


    Northern Scripture
    Feb 05 2014 08:28 AM

    thanks alot ddl !!   the second spring hits, i have three different birds to test. spinner/swim/jig.  i will video it all and be sure to share.   

    you've got some serious talent, keep up the great work!