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Does it have any belly weight ?


Better to have the fattest portion in the lengthwise center or even slighly behind , ......this way the front portion becomes less buoyant and therefore the diving vane shoulders better into the water , .....just my findings with this type of lures , ...same counts for banana lures , by the way .


Really like your paint style , Ryan , .....greetz ,Dieter

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    No belly weight. Thanks for the tip on where to have the fattest portion.

    I did a swim test...and it dives about 2 to 3 feet depending on speed of retrieve. it has a very nice back and forth action. So, even though this one doesn't dive too deep, it is a success in my book, as it swims straight without popping out sideways and up out of water....


Thanks about my paint style, nice compliment coming such an experienced lure guy as yourself....tight lines eh? and greetz, Ryan

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Great to hear about a good swimming action , ...I was a little uncertain due to my experiences described above .


Belly weight usually dampens the action on such lures sporting integrated diving vanes ,.......also my experiences .


Cheers , Dieter

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