2 1/2 inches.... Hand carved with a pocket knife and sand paper....brush painted, Flexcoat topcoat....19 guage SS wire-thru, copper spinner as diving lip. RT63, I like how it turned out, but it's not mine anymore...It was made for a trade with another TU member. The honor is mine, as he is a fine lure-maker.

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Thank you for this beautiful lure!!! The photo is good but to truly appreciate how nice this lure it has to be held in the hand. There are subtle color changes happening on the bait as it is turned that can only be viewed in person. This matched with excellent brush work and paint scheme makes this bait a work of art. The build is great as well. From it's unique copper spinner blade bill to it's perfectly carved symetrical shape. The bait is perfect. Thank you Ryan for this fantastic bait!!! 

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