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Have had this bait built for weeks and couldn't decide how to paint it. After looking at some old lures I saw several with the silver bars on the side of them and decided why not. Let me just say it was much easier to decide to put the bars on than it was actually doing it. They are one piece and cut from foil. Cutting them out wasn't particularly hard, but peeling the backing off of the foil and getting them stuck on the bait in the proper position was an enormous pain in the tuches. They seemed to stick to my fingers much better than to the bait.

The bait is 2" long with Createx paint and epoxy top coat. Was shooting for a bone color on the body and the back is a few drops of chartreuse mixed with some pearl white. The bone color was Createx transparent tan mixed with Createx white and a little transparent yellow thrown into the mix. Did I get close?

Not sure why I gave it a black eye. Must have had one of those "why not" moments. Turned out a little darker than I really wanted.


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Very fine work RayburnGuy. I like the effect. 

I understand the desire for a seamless look on the stripes. Maybe next time a few strips on layout lines would be easier. Use the long spine to cover the joints of the short lines.

I like it!

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Looks great Ben. That seamless foil pattern looks cool but it must have been a major pain. COuld you have foiled first then masked?



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Thanks Bill. I probably could have done it that way, but I think your still going to have the same problems with the foil sticking to your fingers. When it's cut into strips that small it's fairly easy to tear and when your half blind and your hands shake like your wife has just caught you with your girlfriend it's not gonna be easy no matter what you do.

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