handmade carving knife to make lures!

Three different woods...2 cherry, 2walnut, and 1 Koa. 5 layers glued together. 5/16 inch drill bit drilled into wood block. After hole drilled...I turned the wood in handle for a comfortable shape...then ground the butt end of drill bit into knife blade shape. Heat treat and temper the blade....then epoxy the drill end into the wood handle. It took me two days to make, only cause I had to let the glue dry where I glued the wood together...the rest I did in one afternoon...yesterday!

I know it's not a lure, but I thought appropriate since I think this knife will be making a lot of my future lures.

and being lure makers...I thought some of you may wanna make your own knife too!

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I've made my lure carving knives from old files , no heat treating neccessary this way and handles are from a wooden coathanger .

Strictly purposive and not as beautiful as yours by far , but they'd surely do a surgeon justice .

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