Super Havana

This big dog walker is lathe carved from eastern red cedar. Painted with acrylics and covered in tabletop.


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Thanks Ben

I have seen several good ones here go cheap on craigslist. I have been thinking about you. A really nice older delta with stand and tools 150.00. Not bad at all. It went quick.

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 I'll get one sooner or later Vic. Got a lot going on right now and toys for the man cave or low on the priority list. If you keep posting those turned baits it will probably move up a few spots though. Your really turning some nice looking wood.

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And Vic, has me hooked, as I am the privileged owner of this peace of art. Beautiful balance, craftsmanship, and crazy nice pint job. Pictures never do justice, to appreciate, you must hold it in your hand.

Thanks again for the trade. Such an honor to have a Vic bait in my collection/tackle box.

Thanks, Ryan.

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