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Another foil job.

Another foil job.

Seems like my mind is stuck on foil here lately. This one was made with fishing a gold Rogue in the springtime in mind. It's 4" long and made from Paulownia with 5 grams of ballast. Createx and Auto Air paints with epoxy top coat. The bottom is a pumpkin color I mix. Sunrise yellow sprayed over the foil sides with a black back. A little red on the throat and a spot of yellow on the tail. Forgot to get a total weight and I'm too lazy to get up and go weigh it.

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    Great job Ben.

    Thanks Brent. Can't wait to through this one up in the shallows this coming spring. How have you been doing bud?

    Looks great, Ben!

    Thanks Curt. This one didn't turn out to bad. My lure building is sorta like the tale about the monkeys with typewriters eventually typing the works of Shakespeare. Build enough of them and one or two come out pretty good.

    Great job. love the colors.



    Thanks for asking Ben. I'm thinking about changing my address to my Doctors office. Seems like i live there now days. But other than that i'm doing fine. Take care, Brent

    Dec 04 2013 11:36 PM
    Ben, I like it a lot. I hope someday my lures may be as nice as this. I may copy your idea of photo's over a mirror, so you can see more in one photo. Thanks for posting. Ryan

    Thanks guys.


    @ Bill..............For the colors I was trying to think of something for this coming spring and the gold Rogue was the first thing I thought of. That color has probably caught more fish in East Texas than anything I can think of.


    @ Ryan...................Your already building some nice baits bud. Painting with brushes is just another style. If your thinking about getting set up with an airbrush there's lots of great help here at TU. I can't take credit for the mirror idea. I stole it from someone here at TU.


    thanks again guys,


    Hope to make something worth posting. Lure looks good. One day, I hope to compete with that level. You got skills.

    That's a fairly easy lure to build DBT. I'm only fair with an airbrush and still have a lot to learn about the mechanics of lures, but every now and then I get one that turns out fairly well.


    Just give yourself some time and you'll be making lures you'll be proud of. The most important thing is don't get frustrated and give up. There are plenty of folks here at TU who will be more than happy to help you when you have troubles.