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2nd attempt at painting my own IMG 20131205 203750

2nd attempt at painting my own IMG 20131205 203750

Your comments are welcome!

    Dec 06 2013 12:12 AM

    You have come a long ways if this is your second bait.  I really like the scale pattern and the orange belly.  I look forward for more baits to come!

    Thank you! 20+ years as a painter from custom cars to commercial aircraft helps alot. But I could not have done it with out guys like you sharing your work, tips and tricks!

    Wish my first one (or the second........or the third) had looked that good. Once you add eyes and clear coat it will really Plaster of Paris. Nice job.

    Your colors are subtle, which I really like. Many new painters (including me) have a tendency to put too much paint on. Looks like you may have clear coated already. I find if you put the eyes on first it helps to seal them on. Really nice job.
    mark poulson
    Dec 06 2013 09:52 AM

    Two thumbs up!!