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Replica of Poe's RC3

Replica of Poe's RC3

First attempt at making a crankbait. Made it out of scrap pine I had laying around, bought some lexan to make the coffin bill.
Work's in the tub, but have to wait for spring to give it a real world test. Not proud of the paint job tried something different but need to improve on it alot.

    Dec 07 2013 08:25 PM

    Congratulations!!I think you did a great job on paint and build! Looks like a winner. 

    Thanks littleriver

    Looks a lot better than my first attempt and it caught fish! I remember that first winter of building baits and getting really anxious about getting them in the water. That part doesn't get any better, I'm afraid.

    Thanks KJ I just hope it works when I get it on the water.