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Thank you Ryan!


Perhaps too folky for some people but i like.


Really easy to produce. The bottom paint is just a thinned out wash of the darker color on top. 

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Thank you! Funny you should mention my bench. These have actually been there for nearly a year waiting on me to finish. Finally got the job done.




Nothing special inside these . I carved these shapes and bills for waddle bats. While testing I liked the action of the bait without the bat tail. These baits are the result. They are shallow running with a wide X action. Very stable baits with tons of action but at the same time very smooth. 

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Like I've said before, it's refreshing to see a style of painting that's wholly different and distinctive - and looks good to boot!  Nice baits!

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Thank you Bob!


You make some really great baits too! Infact, I trolled this summer one of the baits you traded me. The flat side with dark green back and chartreuse sides.  It caught just about everything that swims here in the span of four hours. I have painted several baits with this pattern since.

:-) Thank You!!!

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