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acid eyes

acid eyes

6 inch musky jerkbait from cedar

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    That is a seriously cool eye. "Nice job" doesn't do it justice. Your off the chart with that one.

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    Tell us more. that eye is incredible.

    Yes tell us more...That gives a  new meaning to......I've got my eye on you. And by what i can see of the bait it looks great too.

    Thanks you guys. The bait is a jerk bait carved from cedar. I used urethane paints for everything. This one has yellow and orange candies and micro scales. I shot pearls on the belly and speckled it with tiny black dots. I make all the eyes with a variety of methods. They are reverse painted. Part of the effects come from the treatment of the eye sockets before the eyes are installed.

    Would love to see a pic of the whole bait! If you'll post a pic of the whole bait, I'll feature it on the LPO Facebook page for you, if you'd like :)

    amazing, never get tired of seeing your work.

    Braided Line
    Dec 12 2013 08:26 AM

    The "eye" see`s all...................  Detail wins every time!

    well, glad I found it. best eye I've ever seen on a lure.