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Cotton is a whirligig style bait. A true skim(topwater) and swim(underwater) bait. I was first introduced to the design by fellow member diemai. Fascinated by the mechanical features of the bait upon first seeing it, I finally made one of my own. Thank you Dieter for helping with the build of this bait. The lure and instructions for it's construction may be found in the book, "The Book of Lures", by Charles K Fox.

The lure is hand carved on a lathe from basswood. The custom shaped blades are made from brass. The unique hangers and line tie are formed from stainless wire. After superglue water sealing the basswood, the lure is brush painted with acrylic paint. Next, the brass blades are installed. Then, the bait is covered in a tabletop two part epoxy. For final assembly, I used what I call the "thru glued" method.

The action of the bait is best described as wild. Whether being fished on the surface or just below it, the lure is brought to life by short hard twitches of the rod tip. It was a favorite of Charles K. Fox. I look forward to fishing it myself in the coming seasons.

Thank you !


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Thanks Ben !


The nose cone spins really easy. The two halves are separated by  aluminum pop rivets glued into them. The bait is light on color but it will be used as a shad imitator darting on and just below the surface. 

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Welldone , Vic , .......this is the rather more "egg"-shaped variation sporting the most pronounced action possible , ...you will see , ...it will definately get bitten next season !


Good idea about brass fins , ...probably this might enhance the diving action due to a little added weight compared to aluminium fins .


Greetz , Dieter

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Thank you Dieter!


I can't wait to try it on some bass !


I was afraid they would be too heavy but not at all. Works really well. 


Thank you again! Could not have made it without your help.


Happy Holidays!


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