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Perch Popper

A large popper made for Striper fishing. It is made from two peices of Poplar and through wired. There is an 1/4oz belly weight inside between the tail and center hook. Between the belly hook and line tie there is a large cavity inside. 10 BB's are in the cavity and they rattle around inside. The BB's kind of just thud on the wood but the through wire runs through the center of the cavity. The BB's make a Tinging sound when hitting the through wire. 4/0 single rear hook and 1/0 treble on the belly.


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You still catch them until the 20th or something. I found lures like this are too large for the Chesapeake. The bait fish are much smaller. Bass sized baits with heavier hooks work better. This one has to be used on the Ocean.

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