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Flat Shads

Flat Shads

Basswood, G-10 lips, 2 1/4" x 1/2", Solarez undercoat and topcoat, #4 short shank trebles

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    Nice work Bob. Scales look really good. Especially on the bottom bait.

    Thanks Ben.  The pic isn't very good - it was dark and cloudy yesterday.  The top bait has small scale, the bottom large.  This was an experiment building with basswood vs balsa/paulownia and making the baits thicker than the 1/4" width of a typical "D-bait" style crank.  I'm looking for more thump and better casting ability.  They baits weigh around .4 oz versus the .3 oz with balsa - but they float well and it will be interesting to see how they fish. 

    Very nice, I really want to build some of my own. I need to do some studying and get on it.