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Green crab (Carcinus maenus)...
© Erci MADEC

Green crab (Carcinus maenus)...

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This is my "dressed" version of green crab (Carcinus Maenus),

this lure is one of the best i've ever fished with on seabass.

Hope you will like it and vote for it ; )

crab weight is 8 gr

body is 3.5 cm ( 1.4 inch)

max length (with legs) is 9cm (3.5 inch)

you can see how it swims here:


© Erci MADEC
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What gives it movement underwater like that? Looks killer.


thank you for your comments.

It's a "do nothing" animation, it needs very few water movement to look "alive", i was trying it in my bathroom.

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So is it just the currents in the water that cause it to move like that?


What are the dimensions of this bait?

yes, it's only the "little" current due to water from the bath.

if possible, i would like to add dimension on description

crab weight is 8 gr

body is 3,5 cm ( 1.4 inch)

max lenght (with legs) is 9cm (3.5 inch)

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That was AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!


is it hand poured or injected lure ? incredeble movement.


thank you for your comment, it's hand poured,  the plastisol fills the mold by gravity.

Making the mold was really hard to do, but i'm pleased with result ; )

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