"scatter lip" crank

My first go at a few things. First PVC bait, (thanks Ben) First try at bending the lip (TU forum topic) My first shrink fit stencil (TU forum topic) and my first airbrush job and a new homemade foil eyes. D2T turned and dried on my homemade drying rack made from a disco ball motor. The folks here at TU really give a guy a lot of confidence to try new things.

Thanks all,



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Since all of these were your first....


Let me be the first to say Great Job... But on a sad note...there is no turning back now...you are HOOKED.

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I am definately that. This is not my first lure, I've been playing with them for a few years now. But since finding TU my quality has improved. I even had some of this stuff shipped to me while deployed overseas.

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