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Deceiver Spinner

Custom tied "Deceiver Cockroach" fly on number 3/0 hook with 3D "Living Eyes"

Custom Inline spinner with removable hook clip system, brass magnum 1/4oz body & #5 gold Colorado blade with custom holo scale lure tape.

This is one of my best Largemouth Bass & Pickerel setups!


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Thanks for the feedback! I guess there is more to the design than meets the eyes. Questions sent to me about where to find the jig heads.


There is NO jighead. Its all a custom tied huge fly on #3/0-XL hook. Then UV glue applied in many layers on the head assembly. 1st over thread wraps, then apply 3D eyes with UV glue, and then UV glue a clear capsule finish over the whole head and finally cure it.

The end result makes it look like a jig head, but its all solid UV glue. The 3D 'living" eyes are actual fish eye photos super-imposed on materials

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