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This one should rise a few eyebrows. Scotty here and I love to take that book of rules and toss it out the window! This wild and crazy crankbait is 100% Made by me by hand.. Mahagony CB with acrillic and micro watch gears inset into the belly to create a mechanical lure. No its not actually mechanical but it sure looks like it is. This CB even has aprox. 10 Jewls inset inside.. Yes real ruby Jewls inset inside. The Bill is scratch built from a sheet of lucite the wood is golden mahagony the hardwair came from LP VMC 2x hooks and the 7 mm eyes came from ebay.

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Ingenious , a bait that brings the present and the past into harmony with each other .I might just have to create the toadfog award .That bait would win the first one .

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Lol... Why thank you! I'm torn between straight out fish art and lures so this here is a hybrid in between! I have some crazy ones out there.. Thanks again for the kudos!

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