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1st Craw pattern

1st Craw pattern

Just started doing my own painting. Thanks to the guys on the forum for all your help!

This one has some flaws here and there, but i kinda got the technique down and that was my main objective. Bait is more chartreuse than it appears in photo.
Your comments are welcomed!!

    CarverGLX- Thanks for your help and advice!
    That is one pattern that I really struggle with...looks like you are on your way...nice job
    Thanks Cougar! I admire your work alot!!

    I like the yellow look.

    Nice paint

    Braided Line
    Dec 27 2013 01:16 PM

    Have seen simular patterns on here before. 

       Don`t re-call yellow though.  


       Gives it a certain boldness.

    Thanks guys!