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swimbait bbz-1 swim bait eric ross billshade08 youtube.com/billshade08 airbrushed trout


My first start to finish paint job on a swimbait. I made a vid of it on my YT (billshade08) I will definitely be doing many more. I was referred to this forum by my YT sub named 61diemai. Im very excited to join and explore your forum & site. thanks 61diemai!!

    Jan 01 2014 05:56 PM

    Wow you did a great job for your first time! Looks really good man:) How did you get the Testors Paint to stick to the rubber tail? Everytime I try it cracks when it dries


    Welcome to the site!



    Looks great! Welcome to Tackle Underground :)

    Jan 01 2014 10:45 PM

    @Curt & Brad - thanks guys! 

    to answer your question about the rubber tail- the paint doesn't stick! I don't have the proper paint for the soft plastic part yet.  Was just kinda painting the bait as a learning process & now that I'm having fun I will invest in some proper materials.  I have some hand made baits in the works and a couple of other BBZs to paint.

    Great that you've made your way into the TackleUnderground , .....you'll definately enjoy yourself in here , and I'm sure we're going to see some more beautiful baits of yours in future .


    Welcome to TU , .....greetz , diemai

    (aka 61diemai)