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1st swimbait


My first swimbait, carved from PU, Createx Paint (I think it was my sixth paintjob, with an airbrush), coated with 5-min-epoxy.

Now the Video.

    Turned out great donak. 6th paint job. Ha ha.  I do the same thing.  Paint it to completion then take a look.  Nope, I'm not working that hard on a bait and settling for that look and I scrub it off to try again.  Got at least 4 tries on all my first ones.  Your gill plate work looks real good.  Couple questions, what is PU, and how does it swim with what looks like a fixed, hard tail.

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    Thank you!


    Diemai brought me to tackleunderground.


    Really, my 6th paintjob ever. Made 5 other baits before with airbrush, but have done other baits with cans for one and a half year. Working on baits since 2012 i think.


    PU, is a hardfoam. Polyurethane (PUR)


    The tail, the rear fin (Makrolon/ like lexan) is fixed on the second section.


    Sorry for my english.

    ....haha , the second guy joining in on my behalf within a few days .


    Great to have you here , Alex , ......you'd surely enjoy yourself .


    You bait looks very nice , especially since being only your 6th one with an airbrush .


    Herzlich Willkommen auf TU , ...Gruß , Dieter

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    Looks good and runs great as I have just seen!

    Gruß Hubert

    Ich glaube ich muss meine Grundeln mal hochladen.

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