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Atomic Craw or "Go big or go home!"

craw big bait handpoured

Atomic Craw or "Go big or go home!"

Better late than never. :)

Hey guys,
i want to show you my latest big bait which i designed from scratch.
It is a handpoured craw of about 14 inches (body and claws) and 16.5 inches overall, made for all big predators like big pikes or european catfish. But big Cods will probably love it too.

I hope you like it! :)

    Great looking craw Maurizio. Can I get an order of french fries with that?  :)

    Huge!! Love the setup for the photo :)

    Haha, yeah... maybe i should pour a handful of stick baits in some sort of yellowish colors to imitate the french fries. :D


    Thanks for the comments!