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Very nice Vince, I know you make a lure called the Flatshad. Might this one be a Fatshad? Look's like it has a belly full of minnow's. Paint, powder and details are awesome.



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Thanks, Douglas. Yes, that is one of my Flatshads. Actually there are
really no flat spots anywhere on the bait, but I do start out with flat stock, which is why I named the Fatfingers Flatshad. And a smaller, immature gizzard shad is somewhat flat actually compard to say a perch of the same size.

Joe, that is pearl powder mixed with automotive clear. I also used three
other custom mixed pearls for the gill plate detail and it has Mayan
Gold pearl along the top of the bait.

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It sure is purdy! It's been killing me to know how they do that. Ordered 3 colors of powder today. Time to get of my butt and paint some more. Thanks again for the tip!!!

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