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Lime Lightning

lure crank bait 2.5 lures

Lime Lightning

This is a 2.5 square bill crank bait with a one of a kind lighting pattern on the back that looks incredible I hope you like it.

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    Good looking bait although it's not "one of a kind". I think it was Hokieangler that posted a "lightning pattern" a good while ago.

    Oh really I didn't know that, I just never seen any out there before I am new to the tackle underground sight so really haven't seen everything yet.

    Wasn't trying to take anything away from your bait. You did an awesome job and the colors you chose work well together. Welcome to TU.

    Looks good. Can you tell us a little more about the bait? Did you carve it? Is it a repaint of a factory bait?


    The more info you give, the more it helps people when they vote on it!

    Hi curt,

    It is a repaint of a square bill 2.5 crank bait, with a cool design on the back that looks like lightning.