Spittin King

This is my attempt at duplicating a Strike King Spittin King popper that caught 100s of bass last year on a super secret kayak/canoe only lake.

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The top one is the store bought bait, a Strike King Spittin King. The bottom one is my attempt at replicating it. I used Poplar and I have no idea what it weighs.

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It looks good.  I've built tons of lure with poplar, and it's a good wood for one piece lures.

Did you tail weight your lure so it hangs like the store bought lure?  That always helps me when I'm making a new lure, especially with poppers.

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Yep, it's tail weighted. I've always had more success with a top water lure that sits butt down when paused. I think the bass see it as injured and when the tail drops, they just react. I didn't add a rattle but I'm hoping it'll still be productive. The next one will have a rattle for sure.

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