ratsnake barra lure 140mm

hand carved timber then ratsnake skin and head used ... 140mm barra lure


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didn't write much about it . new to this comp thing ... this is all hand carved timber with stainless twisted wires alloy bib ... timber sealed then snake skin had to have most of the bones taken out of the head to make it fit the body .. kept the eyes from it in there as nearly lost one while doing this ... once it was all stick well over a few days had a preserver put on skin and cleared with a few coates of 2pac clear like a car ... the action is awesome ... but wont be used ... stick to the painted ones for use .....

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That is so cool! Not many rattle snakes up in these parts, I thought they all lived in the desert, where there are no lakes!

    But it looks so Sweet!

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That is the coolest bait I have ever seen. Really nice work!

never seen anything even close to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nugene

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