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They look great. Tell us about them.

They are all hand carved from Poplar.  The one is a SPAZ size 1 (1/4oz) in white, which is hollowed out with loud rattles and weight transfer balls for easy casting and walking.  The second one is the medium SPAZ size 2(1/2oz).  The third one is a black MUCK, just a weedless version of the first two.  It has two weedless hooks, a top hook with a fiber guard and a EWG trailer with a titanium wire guard.  The second to last one is BUZZ which sinks slowly until retrieved and it pops right up to the surface and wiggles like a crazy buzzbait.  BUZZ is the only one that is not hollow with a rattle.  All the tails are Wooly Bugger Marabou (actually turkey breast feather from China)  The last one is a size 3 SPAZ in gray.(3/4 oz with an extra belly hook)  I use D2T applied with my finger, for an extra thin, even coat.  You can read more about these crazy mice at http://AJLures.com or http://facebook.com/ajlures

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