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Treeless / Snagless hard bait

Treeless / Snagless hard bait

Made from Australian White Beech, weight 10gm x 8cm long (total length 10cm---- 4") .
A weedless / snag-less version, it has a single hook which retracts when swimming, or rises if a fish 'hit's' the tail - bib turned down also deflects weed- dives to apx 8'.

    Beautiful work, Pete. I love the paint pattern and the eyes

    Looking good Pete. I like the turned down bib and the way you attached the hook. Nice work.

    I like it. Is that a split tail with a pin to hold the hook in place?

    Thanks Vince, Ben and Kayjay--had two tries at adding this one to the "Coolest Lure Contest" with no success, just kept going to the gallery !!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Yes Kayjay the pin stops the hook dropping down.

    Thanks again for your generous comments.


    Great design , Pete , ...always fond of a little "mechanics" to a lure , ....greetz , Dieter