two more PVC trimboard hard frogs

I made these the same way as the green one, but the white one floats a little more horizontal, and the black one has a rattle beneath it's green side spot.

Createx, Folk Art, and Wildlife paints, Solarez top coat.

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They walk the dog, or do straight chug, chug on a fast retrieve.



I use an oscillating belt sander and a dremel with a sanding sleeve on a 3/16" diameter rubber shaft to shape them.

I do the final sanding by hand, but the machines get most of the credit.

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I took these two baits out for a test and the black one, with rattles, is too heavy to work up on top.  It goes sub-surface when it's worked.

I'll remove the two sst balls that I used for the rattles and see if that helps to save that lure.

In any event, I'm back to the drawing board to come up with a more buoyant design, probably longer, so I can add rattles.

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