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two more PVC trimboard hard frogs

two more PVC trimboard hard frogs

I made these the same way as the green one, but the white one floats a little more horizontal, and the black one has a rattle beneath it's green side spot.
Createx, Folk Art, and Wildlife paints, Solarez top coat.

    Mark I really like the shape you have created. What type of action do these have? Walk the dog, or a simple popper action?

    Those are too cool! Do you hand carve those? Very nice work

    mark poulson
    Jan 23 2014 06:41 PM


    They walk the dog, or do straight chug, chug on a fast retrieve.



    I use an oscillating belt sander and a dremel with a sanding sleeve on a 3/16" diameter rubber shaft to shape them.

    I do the final sanding by hand, but the machines get most of the credit.

    Well, the machine can't do it by itself...so you get the credit! Great work
    mark poulson
    Jan 25 2014 06:45 AM

    Thanks.  I'll let you know how these new ones swim after I take them fishing today.

    mark poulson
    Jan 26 2014 10:48 AM

    I took these two baits out for a test and the black one, with rattles, is too heavy to work up on top.  It goes sub-surface when it's worked.

    I'll remove the two sst balls that I used for the rattles and see if that helps to save that lure.

    In any event, I'm back to the drawing board to come up with a more buoyant design, probably longer, so I can add rattles.