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tailbait jerkbait


Here is some new lures I've made. All three is tail baits.

    If i might ask...what type of eyes are those...really like them....nice looking lures!

    Thank you! I caught a Roach and a Perch and then I took close up photos of their eyes. I then printed them in a printer exactly 12mm big and then I just added some 5 minutes epoxy on them to make the 3D looking effect. Simple :)

    Amazing lures, the bloody lure is the best. How did you manage to get that effect?

    Im happy that you like them! Easy, I used a drinking straw. Just put some paint in it and then blow through the straw with your mouth ;).

    I second the others comments. Cool Lures.  I really like the straw idea.Thanks for sharing your techniques.


    Thanks! I found the technique on google. Some people are doing like that when they are making blood spatter on nails on Halloween and so on :)