Holo Foil Jerkbait

This is some of the holographic foil I've been tinkering with lately. It's built from Paulownia at a tad over 4" long. Bob Smith epoxy sealer with Createx and Auto Air paints. Top coat is 3 brushed coats of DN S81.

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Thanks John.


Built this one to be a floater and it's weighted to sit level in the water. Having only used 2 gram weights in the first and second hook locations it's fairly lively. With it having 3 hooks may rationale was that it could have lead wire added to any combination of hooks to get it to perform in different ways. Want a head down tail up stance? Just add wire to the front hook. Want to slow the action and make it float up slower? Just add wire to all 3 hook locations.


It still needs to be tested in the real world to see how the fish like it. I've already got a couple more started with the same build specs in mind, but with different paint schemes. We shall see.

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Thanks guys. I'm really liking this type of foil. Took me a few tries to figure out how to make the edges lay down on the top and bottom since the adhesive isn't as strong as the Brite-Bak, but I think it's worth the extra steps.

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