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barfish swimbait glidebait hard bait


gail ratcliff

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New barfish swimbait I'm working on with zerovoc uv epoxy coating!

    Your painting skills is awesome. Looks like a real fish!


    Jeez..... Nice swimbait you got there.

    Really nice job

    Is that decal or paint?


    It's paint.  I didn't airbrush it though, I used a brush with airbrush paint.

    It's a combination of the paint job and the carving...the raised scales on the bait really add to the look

    I can't stop looking at it. Scale pattern is mesmerizing. Congrats on a beautiful job. Would work great as a Striped Bass pattern out here on the Cal Delta. (Rockfish on East Coast)

    thanks everybody!  The fish was modeled on a computer in Blender (3d software).. I'm a motion graphics designer by trade.  Then the mold was cut out with a cnc machine.  That's where the high scale detail comes from.  I'm pretty happy with it.