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Fixing my son's surf board gave me an idea.

Since Solarez is runny, but can be layered, I decided to try and use it to make a soft plastic mold.

I crazy glued a Yum Wooly Craw, with all those ribs, smooth side down onto a piece of formica.

Then I made a temporary form out of blue tape around the outside, leaving enough space for strength.

Finally, I brushed on several coats of Solarez, taking each coat out into the driveway for a minute to let it start setting up before brushing on another.

Finally, I filled the tape form to above the bait by pouring more Solarez on top, and set it out to cure in the sun for ten minutes.

Once it seemed hard, I peeled away the blue tape, to let more UV's hit the sides for another five minutes.

Finally, I peeled the formica off slowly and, Voila!. A mold with all the detailed ribs.

It's not a perfect mold, because the original bait has some relief on the bottom that I lost when I glued it down, but it is a relatively easy and quick way to make a soft plastic mold.

I was able to peel the master out, but the heat of the resin setting was really strong, even after a half hour.

I sanded both faces down to smooth, drilled vent holes from the back for the two side flippers, and sprayed it with PAM as a release agent. Then I hand poured it with some med. plastic I already had sitting in a silicone cup.

I was really happy with the results.

It took about an hour, from start to taking the new bait out of the mold.


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I live to serve, or, at least, to complicate your life even more by giving you more to do!  Hahaha

The UV light box I have, a nail salon box, has a removable panel opposite the light bulbs, so, if it's not sunny and nice next time, I am going to try just putting the light box over the master, once it's full, and letting the light cure it out.

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