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solarez mold2

solarez mold2

    now thats, "thinking outside the box" good job! 

    mark poulson
    Mar 27 2014 01:35 PM

    I was really pleased with how I was able to get all the rings duplicated by brushing the Solarez into them in multiple coats, which I UV set by taking it out into the sun for a minute.

    The shape is because I added the blue tape "form" after I'd set several coats of resin, and realized I wasn't going to be able to build up a full covering by brushing...it is just too runny.

    Next time I'll make a form around the soft plastic master first, brush in enough layers of resin to fill the details, and then pour resin around it to fill in the form.  That will be a whole lot neater looking, and easier, too.